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Shop LIGHTS OUT is your one stop shop for all your equipment and fitness supplies . With everything you need to begin training, or to enhance the training you are already doing, will help you take your work further and that's a promise!

Shop LIGHTS OUT was founded by Shawne Merriman, a Three-Time Probowler, Three-Time All Pro, Defensive Rookie of the year, 2006 NFL Sack Leader and a fitness enthusiast.

Shop Lights Out has also partnered with some of the biggest brands in the fitness industry. These established industry brands provide the highest quality equipment and fitness supplies , all of which can be found RIGHT HERE on Shop Lights Out!

Lights Out Xtreme Fighting (LXF)

Carrying the Lights Out mantra over from the football field.
Lights Out Xtreme Fighting (LXF)
As a lifelong practitioner and a fan of MMA, in 2019 Shawne Merriman has started collaboration with some of the most respected MMA promoters from Southern California to form Lights Out Xtreme Fighting (LXF) at
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